Our curriculum

Our approach

Inspiring, active purposeful learning. We offer a broad and ambitious curriculum delivered using project-based learning.

The curriculum we offer at our academy gives students:

  • real-world learning experiences
  • access to outstanding teaching
  • rigorous and high-quality critique and feedback on their work
  • the opportunity to develop dynamic leadership skills
  • a culture of respect.

We encourage students to recognise their personal learning journey and take pride in their achievements. We focus on helping students to link their learning to everyday life.

We work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that we create a tailored package of support to best meet the needs of each child and young person at our academy.

Olive Academies supports children and young people for whom traditional teaching methods have not worked.

Our curriculum approach

Our students come to us disadvantaged and disenchanted with education. Our role in their lives, for the short time that we have them, is to re-engage them with learning, to broaden their outlook and to help them see a future for themselves and develop the character skills that will enable them to be successful.

Our curriculum consists of three interlinked areas:

Core academic subjects – our students study English, Maths and Science to GCSE level, and have access to a range of qualifications necessary for college or apprenticeships. Our subject curricula build the specialist knowledge and skills needed not only for exam success, but also for adult life.

Vocational subjects – to build knowledge of the opportunities available after school, our students follow a range of BTEC courses, giving an insight into different employment areas, employability skills and the process of applying for their next step.

Personal Development – to build character skills that will enable students to make a successful transition, we have a strong Outdoor Education programme, and once a week students spend a day challenging themselves and working together in different situations. This is supported by a comprehensive PSHE/RSE programme to teach students the knowledge they need to make informed choices related to their emotional and physical wellbeing, and to prepare for a greater degree of independence. In addition during tutor time we run a responsive PSHE programme to respond to reports on Arbor & CPOMS. In order to promote healthy active lifestyles students study BTEC sport.

More information about our offer and the qualifications students work towards is provided below. You can also contact Rebecca Mead via the school office with any questions.

All our Year 11 students are provided with support to secure places in further education, colleges or apprenticeships. Find out more about the careers advice and support we offer young people.

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Our curriculum plan – Year 11

Our curriculum plan – Years 9 and 10