Academy life

Our uniform

Students are supplied with an Olive Academies uniform.

Students are expected to wear an Olive Academies' uniform:

  • grey Olive Academies jumper
  • grey Olive Academies blazer
  • Olive Academies tie
  • black school trousers or black school skirt
  • black school shoes
  • white school shirt

It is important that parents should not have to think about the cost of a school uniform when their child joins our academy. Therefore, students new to the academy are given a jumper, blazer and tie when they join us. Any additional items of uniform needed during the term can be purchased from the academy office - we work with our uniform supplier to ensure the highest priority is given to cost and value for money as well as quality. We aim to make second hand uniform available from the office as well should students need to get additional items.

Students should wear jogging bottoms, t-shirt and jumper for all PE and outdoor learning activities.

We ask that pupils wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Please do not hesitate to ask at the academy office if you have any queries about suitable clothing for outdoor activities or trips.

The following are not permitted for health and safety reasons:

  • hoodies
  • baseball caps/hats
  • jewellery, except a watch
  • make-up/extreme hairstyles
  • chewing gum
  • gloves
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