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Policies and documents

These policies guide the way we work at the academy. We review and update these on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, would like a paper copy or a copy in an accessible format please contact the academy office.

OA-NV Safeguarding policy Sept 2021 Download
Keeping children safe in education 2021 Download
OA-NV Accessibility Plan Sept 2021 Download
OA Anti Bullying Sept 2021 Download
OA-NV Attendance Policy Sept 2021 Download
OA Behaviour policy Sept 2021 Download
OA-NV Careers Policy 2021 Download
OA Charging and Remissions Policy 2021 Download
OA Children with health needs who cannot attend policy Download
OA Complaints Policy Sept 2021 Download
OA-NV Designated Teacher Policy Sept 2021 Download
OA Data Protection Policy 2021 Download
OA-NV Educational Trips and Visits Policy Sept 2021 Download
OA Equality statement and objectives Sept 21 Download
OA Freedom of information 2021 Download
OA-NV ICT and online safety policy Sept 21 Download
OA NV Medical needs policy Sept 21 Download
OA NV Provider access statement Sept 2021 Download
OA-NV Relationship & Sex Education Sept 2021 Download
OA-NV Remote education policy May 2021 Download
OA NV SEND Policy and Information Report Sept 2021 Download
Whistleblowing Policy 2021 Download