About us

Our team

Our senior leaders

Ryan Kelsall

Associate Executive Headteacher

David Saunders

Acting Head of Academy & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Rebecca Mead

Senior Deputy Headteacher & Curriculum Lead

Arron Jennings

Assistant Headteacher

John Tregear

Assistant Headteacher

Ahmed Kadi

Behaviour Lead

Our team

Millie Andrews

Outdoor and Vocational Education Lead

Amber Doyle

Office Manager

Lucy Gibson

Inclusion Lead & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Clare Hale

Associate Tutor

Jade Harding

Associate Tutor & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Albany Hodgson

Associate Tutor – Catering

Lorraine Hodgson

Associate Tutor & Outdoor Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Georgia Jackson

Administration Assistant

Nick Lanham

Facilities Assistant

Georgea Maloney

Lead Receptionist & Admin Assistant

Stephen Marshall

Associate Tutor – Outdoor Education Lead

Faye McComish

Food Teacher

Jade Parnell

Associate Tutor

Alan Saunders

Associate Tutor – Minibus

Fiona Shrubb

Teacher & Learning Lead

Peter Roberts

Facilities Supervisor

Hannah Wright

Teacher – Maths & SENDCO