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A welcome to Olive AP Academy - Nene Valley from Richard Rushton, Head of School

Every young person who joins our academy is given the individual support and the learning opportunities they need to develop their confidence, knowledge and life skills. We give young people the chance to achieve their ambitions.

We recognise that many of the students who join our academy community have experienced significant challenges in their school life. Our dedicated academy staff deliver a creative, high-quality personalised curriculum which re-engages them in learning.

We offer our students the chance to learn in small, well-supported groups with a focus on purposeful learning

We work in partnership with our local community, local schools and with our academy families. We work closely with parents and carers to make sure each of our students and their families can access support whenever they need it.

Olive Academies' values are at the heart our community and in all that we do:

Ambition : All challenges can be overcome and education is an important lifelong journey.

Reflection: Learning from experiences and developing a capacity to improve further.

Determination: Not giving up on those who have not experienced success.

Conviction: Everyone has the capacity to reach their potential.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (e: richard.rushton@oliveacademies.org.uk) if you would like to visit our academy or would like any further information about Olive AP Academy – Nene Valley.

Richard Rushton
Head of School

Richard Rushton

Richard Rushton

Head of School

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